Projects for Small & Medium Scale Industries

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Machinery for Wire Industry

wire nail making machine
Wire Nail Making Machine
roofing / umbrella nail making machine
Roofing Nail Making Machine
Horse Shoe Nail Making Machines
Horse Shoe Nail Making Machine
shoe tacks making machine
Shoe Tacks Making Machine

'L' Nail / Right Angle Nail Making Machine

Square Boat Nail / Bridge Spikes Making Machine
Rivet Making Machine
Rivet Making Machine
bolt making machines
Bolt Making Machines
'U' Nail making machines
'U' Nail Making Machine
machine for making u nail with notches
Machine for 'U' nails with Notches
UL Nail Making Machine
Machine for 'U-L' nails with Notches
J Nail Making Machine
Machine for 'J' nails

barbed wire making machine
Barbed Wire Making Machine

concertina / razor blade wire making machine
Concertina / Razor Blade Wire Making Machine

Bucket / Paint Can Handle Making Machine
Drum Wire Handle
Can / Barrel / Drum Wire Handle Making Machine

Paint Roller Handle / Wire Making Machine
cotton bale wire bending machine
Cotton Bale Wire Bending Machine to make Quick Link bale ties

Machine for making 'C' Ring Staples / C-Clips / Hog Ring Clips
'G' nail making machine
'G' Nail / Wool Bale Clip Making Machine

Tomato Hook Making Machine
key ring making machine
Key Ring Making Machine
spring making machines
Spring Making Machine
safety pin making machine
Safety Pin Making Machine
hexagonal wire netting machine
Hexagonal Wire Netting Machine
chain link fencing machine
Chain Link Fencing Machine
wire weaving loom
Universal Wire Weaving Loom
welded mesh making machine
Welded Mesh Machine

Auxiliary Machines for Wire Industry

wire drawing machines
Wire Drawing Machines

Bar and Tube Drawing Machine / Draw Bench
welding electrode plant
Welding Electrode Plant

Machinery for making Cold Rolled Ribbed Wire / Deformed Wire for Construction

Wire Electro-Galvanizing & Hot Dip Galvanizing Equipment
wire straightening and cutting
Wire Straightening and Cutting Machine for Plain Wire 

Wire Straightening and Cutting Machine for TMT / Ribbed / Deformed Wire

Round Bar Straightening Machine
wire butt welding machine
Wire Butt Welding Machines
Electro plating plant
Electroplating Plant

Machines for Sheet Metal Industry

Expanded Metal Making Machine
corrugated (roofing) iron sheet making machine
Corrugated (Roofing) Iron Sheet Making Machine - Barrel Type

Roll forming Line for making Corrugated Iron Sheets
rib corrugating machine
Rib Corrugating Machine
perforated sheet making machine
Perforated Sheet Making Machine
Roller Shutter strip making machine
Rolling Shutter Strip / Slat Making Machine

Roll Forming Machine for 'C' Channels / Purlins
PP Cap Making Machinery
PP Caps Making Machines
round can making machines
Round Can Making Machines
Drum and Barrel Manufacturing Machinery
Drum & Barrel Making Machines
Auxiliary Machines for Sheet Metal Industry:


coil to sheet cut to length line
Cut to Length Line

For more Auxiliary Machines for Sheet Metal Industry: kindly visit our page on 

Machine Tools  


Machines for Paper Industry

corrugate sheet & box making
Paper Corrugation Sheet and Box Making Machines
angle board / edge board making machine
Angle Board / Edge Board / Safe Corner Making Machine
paper cone and tube making machine
Paper Cone & Tube Making Machines
exercise book (ruled notebook) making machines
Exercise Book (Ruled Notebook)
Making Machines
Auxiliary Machines:
Calendar Rimming Machine
Paper Cutting Machines
Paper Cutting Machines

Other Projects

Candle Making Machine
Wax Candle Making Machine
Chalk Stick Making Machine
Chalk Stick Making Machine
Wax Crayon Making Machines
Pastel (Crayon) Making Machine
mini oil mill machinery
Mini Oil Mill
marble and granite cutting & polishing machines
Marble and Granite Cutting and Polishing Machines
cement terrazzo, mosaic, flooring tile making machines
Cement Terrazzo / Mosaic / Flooring Tile Making Machines
leaf spring making machines
Leaf Spring Making Machines
poultry and cattle feed equipment
Poultry and Cattle Feed Equipment
  cotton ginning and carding machines
Cotton Ginning and Carding Machines

We also supply:

Stainless Steel and Aluminium Utensil Plant: For making various hollow wares like tops, pots, pans, plates, bowls, sauce pans, fry pans, etc., Wheel Barrows, Kitchen Sinks, etc.
Book Binding Machines: Consisting of Book Stitching Machine, File Master Machine, Perforating Machine, Envelop Punching Machine, Calendar Rimming Machines, etc.

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